Blitz Chess at Coastal Fog is a Round Robin tournament played at official USCF Blitz Chess time controls (see page 20 for time controls and page 141 for rules).

USCF membership is NOT required.

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Sections:  The sections will be divided up into groups of 5-8 players to allow for round robin play. Each round will be two games against the same opponent. The TD's reserve the rights to change section sizes if needed.            

Venue:  Coastal Fog | 210 E. 14th Street                 

Registration:  Entry fee is $10, $5 more on site if not preregistered by 6:00 PM day before tournament.

See PACO Payment Page

Same-day registration ends at 9:30 so we can start the tournament on time; any registrations after that may have a first round bye. All preregistered players will be paired and clocks started; please notify the tournament director if you are not going to play.  

Prizes:  Purse will include 100% of entry fees. 1st and 2nd prizes in each section.

Round Times:    10:00  |  10:45  |  11:30

                              12:45  |    1:30

Byes:  One half-point bye available; request before round 1.